Dugaan Korupsi Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia

Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia - Cases of alleged corruption in one of the branches of Bank Mandiri in Surabaya continuing investigation by the Attorney General (High Court) Java. The investigation began nearly a year see a bright spot anyone suspects.

The investigation leads to the loan applicant and the person who is considered an employee of Bank Mandiri as responsible.

Through the short message received by some journalists, the head of the East Java High Court Arminsyah still reluctant to mention who the suspect when confirmed.

"There are no suspects, but a new candidate (the suspect)," said Arminsyah, Monday (03/04/2013).

Arminsyah added, investigators still deepening. Problem state losses due to corruption allegations, said Arminsyah remains uncertain. However, based on the data collected, the loss estimated at USD 8 billion.

As with the Head of Investigations (Kasidik) Special Criminal (Pidsus) Kejati Java Rohmadi when contacted detiksurabaya.com. He said that, while this is the most powerful to be held accountable is submitting the credit. Rohmadi had even let slip mention initial suspect.

"Suspects one of the applicant. Initials T," said Rohmadi.

Keep in mind, East Java High Court to investigate cases of alleged corruption in one of the Bank's office in Surabaya since the middle of last year. Allegations of corruption related to the process of loan application by an applicant to the Bank Mandiri in Surabaya, which is not according to the procedure that is considered detrimental to the country to $ 8 billion.

In addition, the High Court in cases of alleged corruption in East Java has been applied for the state to audit the loss Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK) Java. Despite two years, the Bank did not act decisively against delinquent debtors who allegedly deliberately breaking through credit application.